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I am a big proponent of living our lives embodied in an integrated way.

What does this mean you may wonder?

Have you ever noticed yourself walking through your days lost in your thoughts?
Or you find yourself in a situation only to be consumed and distracted by the chatter in your head?
The ideas, the worries, the past stories stored in your memories?

Have you ever stopped to notice how your body responds as well?
That these memories are also stored in the cells and tissues of or flesh and bones?
That the resistances experienced in your life can be released by releasing the blockages held in your body?

That you can find the lightness and freedom you may be searching for by reconnecting with yourself that also mean living more fully in your life?

Have you felt stiff, not only in your body but in areas of your life that make you feel stumped as to how to move forward?
Has creativity been evasive? Vulnerability been edgy? Sexuality been repressed?

Would you like to experience life as a fully embodied sensual being?

Have you been living in a shell you would like to break out of?

Together we can release tensions and traumas held in your life. Through guided meditation, breath work, bodywork, energy work, sacred sexuality, communication.

Together, we can support you in living a more fully expressed and embodied you! 

Are you ready for that?

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