Creative Reconnections

Finding creative ways to reconnect with ourselves, each other, and the world around us. Join me on this journey as we clear that which has been clouding our vision, connect to the light we emit from within, and remember the truth and beauty of who we are.


Our bodies are the vessels that move us through our days here on earth. Helping us to process and understand and experience and play. Let us remember the support we have access to and the depth of healing that is available to us. Now is the time to re-embrace all that we have and all that we are, by empowering and reconnecting with our bodies, we are reconnecting with our selves.

Offering Chi Nei Tsang, mayan abdominal, Intuitive guided massage, and sexual healing focused sessions.

Plant Medicines

There are stories passed down and through the trees that cacao would come out of the forests when the people were ready to reopen their hearts and expand into all they were meant to be. Well beauties, Cacao has come out to play! Let's deepen our connection to our hearts, inspire our expression, and reignite our passions in life!

Ask me now about working with Cacao!
Offering private and group ceremonies.

Energy Work

We are energetic beings in a physical world. Everything can be traced to patterns that impact different aspects of our lives. Our experiences and belief systems expand and contract from childhood, continuing with each breath. In ways, our external life mirrors our internal landscape. When we are energetically out of balance, we see it manifest in our physical worlds, whether it be dis-ease or an event that occurs and stops us in our tracks, these stem from an energetic imbalance. I have studied many different healing modalities from becoming a reiki master to an advanced Theta Healing® practitioner. Contact me now too see if there is a way I can support you.


Have you been opening into things that haven't quite integrated? Have patterns been arising that call for your attention and yet you feel a bit unclear? I am here to support you. To guide you into your own sense of clarity and understanding. To share with you the tools to tap into your potential and come into the you you know yourself to be. I am here to hold the space for you to remember, you.

Website Design

Do you have an offering you would like to get out there to extend your reach? Have you been creating products you would like to sell through your own website? Are you ready to be publishing your thoughts and musings in an online blog? Let me know and we can create your online presence!

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Receiving the abdominal massage from Jasmine for me was both relaxing and releasing. I felt very comfortable and opened up more and more as the massage progressed. It seemed to me that Jasmine was able to support my body in the right places at the right times. I also began to feel like she was very in tune with me and knew exactly what I needed. I was responding very well to this treatment.

I was experiencing the great power of this healing. It was like a healing force was coming into Jasmine and then she was passing it onto me.

I learnt something in this massage also, that allowing healing to take place is just as important as giving it or sending it.
Thank you Jasmine, I appreciate your light and love for giving and sharing.

Adam. San Marcos Guatemala. March 2018
Chi Nei Tsnag

Jasmine was great at providing the perfect ambiance for relaxation. I started my session after a stressful day with a busy mind but after the massage, I felt in a total different state.

A state of peace and relaxation.

She was intuitive and knew what my body needed. Superb experience.

Carolina. San Marcos, Guatemala. February 2018
Intuitive bodywork

I really enjoyed the massage, felt very relaxed and much much lighter and spry and increased chi circulation - it was really great timing for my gut and also in helping me to rejuvenate as much as possible before I dive back into my life for this year!
I appreciate you warmth, presence and open heart and how they shine through you eyes.

Andros. Sebastapol. March 2018
Chi Nei Tsang

Jasmine is an excellent massage therapist. She takes time and sits with you and goes over everything going on with your body before she starts her massage. Even if it is not your first visit to her, she still takes time to review everything going on. She will give you the massage you want. You won't go wrong with having Jasmine as your therapist.

Betty. Cottonwood, AZ, USA. April 2016
Intuitive Bodywork

Working with Jasmine has been an absolute pleasure. The treatments I have received and one on one sessions have been very helpful and healing. She is very good at being in tune with each specific person's body and needs. Reading what each individual's body, mind and spirit is needing. She is very patient and nurturing with a lot of knowledge and understanding in her practices. Jasmine is very well versed in her techniques and knowledge of the body and spirit while accessing what each individual may need.

Her sessions go beyond just a wonderful massage; but with a lot of healing and nurturing energy work.

I would highly recommend a session and sessions with this talented and lovely person.

Elise. Santa Rosa, CA, USA. August 2017.
Intuitive Bodywork. Intuitive guidance.

She so dearly held me through a beautiful process of attention to my womb and stomach, activating and loving my core and center, I felt bathed in love and light. Jasmine has the most fantastic touch.

Sage. San Marcos, Guatemala. March 2018
Mayan Abdominal Massage

I met Jasmine when she was a student at ASIS massage school. I felt honored to have met her not only as a professional but personally. I knew right away, when I met her, there was something special about her.

She is extremely intuitive which enhances her massage abilities. She also is always thinking of innovative ways to improve her client's experience and enhance the continued healing after the treatment. I would high recommend Jasmine, as a massage therapist, to anyone.

You will not be disappointed and your life will be enriched.

Susan Carol. Sedona, AZ, USA. March 2016
Massage Therapy

Jasmine held me through my processes, which were sometimes far darker that I knew. She held me in unconditional love. She encouraged me to follow my heart - gently, subtly, and by allowing me in my own power and sovereignty to choose. She saw the divinity that I am through all of it, and treated me as such. She saw the love that I am, and treated me as such.
As far as guides in my own personal life, there's no comparison to anyone else I've ever met. Not even close.
I'm beyond grateful, into the realm of pure amazement that I've had the honor and pleasure to meet Jasmine, and to have her as a guide and a friend.

Sammy. Santa Rosa, CA, USA. November 2017
Intuitive Guidance. Energy work.

About Me

I believe in the power of beauty as well as the shadows. I believe in the good of people. My journey has led me around the world while I pursued the discoveries of my own inner landscape. I have made it my focus to offer healing spaces to others; to be heard, to be seen, to be held and supported.

Through the process of my own healing exploration, I have been discovering the power of continuously choosing life.

Current Location: Eugene, Oregon, USA